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Just click/select a Make/Manufacturer from the list below to get started. Then click on your Model/Vehicle, and scroll down the list to find the Year and wheel Size, along with a brief Description of the wheel. Scroll to the right to see pricing ... and scroll completely to the right to click on the wheel Picture.

Part Number ... the identification part number of the wheel that WCC references. Please refer to this number in all communications with WCC, if possible.
Mfr List .......... the manufacturer's list price per wheel new from an automobile dealer.
Price Each ...... our regular retail price for a single wheel, fully reconditioned.
Exchange ........ the price you pay, if you trade back the same wheel in repairable condition .. or a core wheel of equal or greater value.
Note: ............... All prices are "PER WHEEL" unless specified otherwise, as on our Specials Page.

Mfr List ..................$433 (Price you would pay new from the dealership for this wheel)
Price Each ..............$185 (WCC's regular every day price for a single wheel)
Exchange ............... $155 (Price of wheel with a good trade-in)
Core Credit .............$  30 (Credit for return of a repairable wheel)

Please note that all wheels in this catalog listing are not in stock all of the time ... so do contact us at 800-292-7467 or by email at wccpa@erols.com to confirm price and availability. Also, if a wheel is out of stock in our PA wheel facility, our customer service representatives will offer to confirm price and availability through our national wheel warehouse network.

If you don't see a listing for your wheel, or we don't have a picture for your listing ... we can send you a picture of your wheel via e-mail, for comparison and accuracy - Please e-mail us or call us at 800-292-7467, and we will help you identify the wheel that you need. Be sure to include the make, model and year size and brief description (or better .... our Part number) of the wheel you are looking for. Send me a Wheel Picture.

Most WHEELS are sold refinished in "as new" MINT condition, and most carry a Limited Lifetime Warranty against material defect. Listed Prices are "PER WHEEL". Wheel center caps are typically priced separately, so do let us know if you may need them and we can confirm price and availability.

Please note that pricing is subject to change, so call or email to confirm price/availability on the wheel you are interested in.

To Order, Call Toll Free at:

im - WhlCollisionCtr

A. Lowenstein writes:

"Yesterday at about 4 pm, I pulled into a parking lot and banged my M3's rear wheel on a protruding curb. When I got out to take a look I was sickened by the gouge and scratches I saw in my beautiful wheel. Well, by 1:30 today, less than 24 hours later, I was back on the road with a good-as-new wheel that the great people at Wheel Collision Center swapped out and installed for me! What a terrific service they provide. The wheel was pictured on their web-site, and when I saw the real thing today it was absolutely perfect and well-priced! I'm lucky their shop was only a 1 hr 20 minute drive from my home in Jersey. These guys are a too-well-kept secret, and I'm going to tell all my buddies that their banged-up wheel problems can be easily rectified by WCC. Thanks to everyone for a great experience! A. Lowenstein "
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